Our Doctor

Dr. Erickson often receives compliments on his ability to listen to and communicate well with patients. He does a marvelous job of helping people feel comfortable as he strives to fully understand each person’s needs, works hard to make sure that those needs are met, and that all questions are answered. Patients can tell that he sincerely cares, and really enjoys what he does. He loves to have fun and laughter can often be heard throughout the clinic. Although he does have fun, Dr. Erickson takes orthodontics seriously. He is meticulous about getting your teeth just right and often gets compliments from dentists and patients about the quality of his work.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Erickson and the staff treat our patients like family. When making treatment plans, Dr. Erickson always refers to what he would do for his son or daughter. He will never start treatment on a patient who does not need it, or is not ready for it.

Our Staff

We are known for our awesome staff! We love to get to know all our patients and make connections with them. Becoming best friends with each patient and making them each feel special is what we strive to do.

Our Office

We have a beautiful and comfortable office. Dr. Erickson researched different offices and orthodontic chairs thoroughly, and we often receive compliments on how comfortable our chairs are. We have a bright, comfortable atmosphere, and there are iPads and a movie going in our lobby.

Indirect Bonding

When placing braces we use the latest technology called indirect bonding. This makes the process faster and easier for the patient, and we are the only ones in Southern Utah to offer it. Watch the video below to see the process:

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